Catherine Legros 

Interaction Designer

Designing at Microsoft

From December 2019 to November 2022, I worked on internal search for M365 users 

New feature integration and discoverability
I lead the interaction and visual design of work search in Windows Search Box, from basic integration to discoverability features (pictured on the right). I got to partner with designers across M365, Windows 10 & 11, WebXT. 

Ensuring users are comfortable about who can see work results 
I audited the privacy experience across work search, worked with users to identify pain points, proposed a research-backed solution that was implemented within that quarter, improving user satisfaction. 

I got to mentor design interns and apprentices and lead the Design Crit Pod initiative (weekly rotating critique groups) for the 40+ members design studio.

Words from colleagues

“I have collaborated with Catherine on several projects, from privacy messaging, branding to WSB. Catherine is the type of designer that researchers dream to work with. (...) Under the hat of "designers," I found Catherine also has great research skills in defining research questions, synthesizing research learnings and communicating with stakeholders.

I always deeply appreciate the fact that Catherine brings great energy into everything she works on and everyone she works with.“

- Fan Mai, PhD 
Lead Researcher at Microsoft 

“Quarter-after-quarter Catherine has taken new challenges in stride and has made successes out of those by her individual accomplishments (Enterprise Search in Windows Search Box all-up), contributing to other's success (through mentoring an studio leadership extracurriculars), and working with PM, Engineering, and our partner teams to collectively shape a future that is not only innovative, but achievable. These are all markers of an impactful product and design leader.” 

- Alex Lopez
Principal Design Manager at Microsoft 

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