Summer at Google

Confidential Work

During the summer of 2017, I interned at Google in New York City with the Firebase team. I worked on two different projects throughout the summer. Designing for such a complex audience and product (within Google Developers Products) was a rewarding experience and I learned a tremendous amount. The first project gave me full ownership over the design of an upcoming feature for the product. I was responsible for every step of the design process from sketching to high fidelity mockups. I created prototypes and study protocols and conducted in-person user testing to validate my design.

For the second project, I was in charge of improving an existing design and adding features to it. This included some testing of the existing design to identify the issues and solving them through design changes, working closely with the front-end engineering team. For both of the project, I would share and get comments on my design through several feedback channels from the design, product, engineering, and research teams.

I will be excited to share more details about the features I designed when they will be public.