Myself and Interaction Designer Amelia Koster worked on this project in Spring 2018. We were selected to present to the ECUAD end of the year Health Design Lab Showcase.

We identified a gap in care for cancer survivor, where patients go from constant check-ins and progress tracking to months between check-ins. Meanwhile, they’re still feeling lingering side effects and wondering if they’re getting better or if the cancer will come back. Experiencing such a life-changing event may create a desire to change their lifestyles and prevent recurrence.

Conducting Primary & Secondary Research (User Interviews, Empathy study, Proxy User Tests, User Tests), Ideation, Prototyping (Paper, Flinto, After Effects),  Wireframing, High Fidelity Mockups, Art direction on illustrations


UI-onboarding flow.JPG
New Doc 2018-04-26.jpg

Motion can enhance an experience and make it feel more human. It brings personality to clean UI and signals to users we're invested in the details.

Motion was also able to transform a necessary (but lengthy) onboarding questionnaire -- where users fill in a medical and preferences to personalize their suggested meals and activities --  into an engaging reflection quiz.  

1-ANIMATION (2).gif

Custom illustrations provided a breath of fresh air from the generic smiling stock photos in most cancer patient aids.

After testing different illustration styles with users, we chose to move forwards with these whimsical, Keith Haring-like, thumb-figures. We iterated through many options, settling on a muted, but multi-colored palette with a sketchy fill.